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The City of Rochester, New York, has chosen EDGEWATER RESOURCES of Michigan to build a huge development close to the waterfront at Charlotte, a village within Rochester.   

Rochester (and Charlotte) WANT development -- but not the kind Edgewater has in mind. 

Edgewater wants to build three skyscrapers with privately owned condos, restaurants, and a large luxury hotel. NONE are likely to succeed.

The project reduces the possibilities for more public uses and threatens the remaining waterfront views, parking, and the public boat launch.

Edgewater's plans will destroy Charlotte's village character. The company now refers to the project as "small," but it is the same large and unnecessary project they proposed. 

The City of Rochester is WRONG to SELL OFF public land  to a PRIVATE developer when that land has historically been maintained for the use and enjoyment of the public. 

These short-sighted plans serve the purposes of the few who will acquire them and not the millions who would otherwise use them.  

The projected tax revenues are  highly unrealistic, based on property values that have no basis in fact.  

Unless the citizens of Rochester act NOW, this project will change Charlotte forever -- and not for the better.

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