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Who We Are

We are very concerned citizens who care about the public's use of Charlotte, prized for its natural beauty and recreation.  


We believe that a great many are not aware of the impending development plans and their serious implications. 

What We Want

We believe the City of Rochester MUST go back to the drawing board.

We believe parks and waterfront areas should be enjoyed by EVERYONE.


We believe PRIVATELY-OWNED housing does NOT contribute to or belong near our lakefront or Ontario Beach Park. 

The public will NOT be well-served by buildings with private residents. 

People must instead envision the BEST POSSIBLE USES of Charlotte and ask our officials to work toward those.  

We do not want another FAILED FAST FERRY, and this project is well on its way to becoming one. The ferry was not permanent; this doomed project will be. 


Rochesterians do not want to return to the past.
They do, however, want responsible development.


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